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Thread: DBi levels

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    Default DBi levels

    Just got my alfa 100Mw and tested it.. good distance.

    I know I have seen a post somewhere using backtrack 4 and its programs to increase the range of an alfa using dbi levels. (I think they are DBi levels).

    .. any point in a direction is good as I am not even sure if this level thing I am talking about is related to DBi.

    Im using vmware with backtrack4 in linux of course..

    Got the new 1000mw AWUSO36H and the 9dBi antenna.

    thnks and btw .. good stuff on this forum.

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    i actually increased the tx power 2 days ago what i did to do this was first blacklisted the rtl8187 driver so it would use r8187 driver do nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist go to the bottom and change it to rtl8187 cntrl o to save enter cntrl x . i then rebooted there is a short cut to the reboot but i just restarted then i used
    iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1
    iwconfig wlan0 txpower 35
    35 is the max i did use it on monitor mode for about an hour and then put it back to where it belongs i dont like leaving it that high for too long. let me kno when u try it how ur results are. mine range increased that is on my own ap.

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