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Thread: I need some info about w-networks and being stealthy please!

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    Question I need some info about w-networks and being stealthy please!

    Got a question guys

    If your logged in to let`s say , an unsecured AP

    Is there any way you can hide yourself from being traced?
    is it Mac address relative?
    And how about the owner of the network, how can he know you are there?
    assuming he is a normal windows user.What are the odds of being catched?
    Is it possible that the police can trace you to your exact location?

    i hope someone can clear up those questions for me, i`m a fresh noob and need some advice before i do something equal with robbing a capital-bank with a toypistol if you understand what i mean....


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    Nope there is nothing you can do to keep from getting caught when you do something you should not do.
    Leave your neighbor's access point and internet alone.
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    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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