I would like to test ettercap (mitm in general) installed on a host machine on several virtual machine.

As ettercap does not work if the host is the gw , i tried to setup a virtual network with vbox where the host is just another computer on the network. However it looks that the level2 layer of the virtualbox stack is vbox specific and do not alow any MITM.

I 'm trying actually the combination of VDE2/SLIRPVDE/QEMU-KVM

slirpvde is the gateway and the host is connected to the vde_switch through a tap interface.

the "virtual client arp cache" is poisonned correctly but slirpvde is sending a lot of "DUPLICATE IP" arp message and the overall process do not work.

IS anybody aware of a way to accomplish that or aware of a patch to slirpvde? Thanks