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Thread: No clients when setting specific channel

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    Default No clients when setting specific channel

    So I'm trying to crack WPA. When running airodump-ng with no specific channel I can get clients for almost all the networks around me. However, when I set a specific channel I see no clients associated with the networks that previously had clients. Ignoring this I move on to trying to capture the handshake but no clients appear there either when the previously had. If anyone knows what's going on could you please help?

    I'm using an AR9285 and BT4 (in the process of getting R2) if that helps.

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    Default Re: No clients when setting specific channel

    Yea we know exactly what is happening, the clients know they are going to be hacked and they disconnect from the AP when you try to capture the handshake.

    We do not support illegal activities here, so it would probably be best if you would leave the networks "around you" alone.
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