Hi everyone, I am going to try to make this as simple as possible an I would appreciate if you could make your answers as simple as possible as well being I am a newbie.

I am also including a series of screen shots so you can get a better understanding of what I am getting at.

Here is my situation, I trying to get into my router using Backtrack 4 powered by ( Virtual Machine ) Vmware Workstation, but I seem to have a serious problem acquiring PWR ( wireless signals ) when using the airodump-ng tool when it's sniffing for wireless networks.

Here is a screen shot below, my two wireless routers as listed in pic below as scrambler which I set to OPEN an Outlaws which I have WEP password encrypted.

1 )

Problem is, when I airodump-ng is scanning for available wireless networks in my area I cannot seem to get any PWR ( wireless signal frames where as my BEACON frames are always excellent for both routers, matter of fact I do not get an PWR frames from any wireless routers in my area?

Here is a couple of screen shots of both my routers signal strength an as you can see both as excellent ( scrambler on the Left, Outlaws on the Right )

2 ) 3 )

Please note that the wireless router named scrambler is located in my bedroom ( which is the P.C. I am working on as we speak ) an my WEP encrypted router ( Outlaws ) that I am trying to get into is located in my den upstairs.

But still, even thou both routers are located inside of my household I cannot get any PWR frames ( signal strength ) it just stays at zero, actually all wireless routers in my area stay at zero, don't know why I am not getting any signals while using Backtrack 4 in Vmware Workstation, from screen shots 2 & 3 above you can see for yourself that I am getting magnificent signal strengths from both routers.

I have even moved my Desktop P.C. upstairs into my den with my WEP encrypted ( Outlaws ) to try to capture a wireless signal in Backtrack 4 via Vmware, but still, no success when running airodump-ng cmd.

Currently I am using a Hawking High Wireless G- USB Adapter Dish to obtain wireless signals from both of my routers, here is a pic below of my hardware.