I've extracted the .iso and have been using grub to boot the kernel and initrd, but I'd like to make a few changes to the live cd. I've extracted the squashfs, copied my /root folder to save my configuration changes and compressed it again (while in backtrack to make sure I use the proper version of mksquashfs) and re-generated the manifest, using instructions from the ubuntu community docs on live cd customization (can't post link sorry)

However, the changes I made don't show up when I boot, its just a regular bt4 desktop and none of my personal files are on it. I'm positive that the right .squashfs is being used and that it's in the right place, so I'm guessing it's the manifest maybe?

If someone can help me along I'd like to write all this up into a tutorial because a lot of people here seem to be interested in customizing live cds but haven't been having luck with things like linux-live or reconstructor.