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Thread: BackTrack 4 Install onto a WIN 7 machinel

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    Default BackTrack 4 Install onto a WIN 7 machinel

    Hi guys,

    I have a machine that has 2 partitions as follows.

    SCSI = /dev/sda

    /dev/sda1 = WIN7
    /dev/sda2 = (set aside for BT4)

    I am using the install script from the CD boot up off the Desktop. But the scripts always wants to use the /dev/sda1 partition to install BT4. Is there anyway to force the install to the selected partition on /dev/sda2?

    I remember a script that was used in a BT3 video that was presented on the offensive security site. Is there any scripts to force the install of alive CD to a specific partition.


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    Default Re: BackTrack 4 Install onto a WIN 7 machinel

    The script does allow you to choose where you want to install BT4. Here's a tutorial from the official site (that you're on right now).
    Tut. It includes screenshots.
    SecurityTube has two new sections. Questions & News

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