I have a X61s, and connected and disconnected the antenna at least 10 times, not more than 20-- and I currently get a weak wireless signal compared to other people (detail below). I am also running a X61s with some Lenovo software, so I'm not sure if the software is lowering the signal, but no matter what I do it still seems like I can't get it as high of a signal. Would removing the antenna connectors (cable at the 3945abg card) that many times damage it? I just bend the cable side up and the connector pops off.

As for low signal... I have a router running Tomato, and other computers in the same room get quality of ~60, and ~35-50 in the adjacent room (quality being dBi difference between noise floor and signal quality). However, my computer gets about 30-40 in room, and 10-20 in the adjacent room--and drops off much quicker a few rooms down.

If I want to fix it, what would I have to replace, or is there some other fix possible? (dip it in solder?)