first sorry if this has been covered but I have looked throught the fourms and I can't see anything coving my problem

also I am new to this and I migth be doign something silly.

I have a NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller, which my BT4 can't see.

this is what I have done.

I have install VMware Workstation and then created a new VM for BT4
then I type in

/etc/init.d/networking start to get the drivers to install, it looks like it works, as it gets some Subnet marks address but it got's so quicky that I can't tell if it gets a IP address

then I type in startX

and then open a window to the internet.

at this stage I am inform that I have no internet access.

can someone please inform me if my NIc is support and if so I can get the drivers install and tested.

many thanks