I need help on bash scripting programming, is it possible to use cat command on WIFI scripting ? I will show some pictures for better view on what im looking for ;
The next step, will lead us to, this number of choice
It seems that, it uses this command into the script, ;
airodump-ng -w test wlan0
and then, possibly, the *.cvs file were read out in list form so that user can choose by pressing 1,2,3, on the next screen. I cant really get the code used to get this kind of screen shot (2nd image). All bash scripting I found in this forum appears that user have to insert the BSSID, ESSID, so on manually. I found this one is automated but the source is encrypted. It would be good enough if someone here able to share some scripting skills according to the pictures shown.

*Sorry, i cant post a link atm.