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Thread: Minor Mouse/Touchpad Issue

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    Default Minor Mouse/Touchpad Issue

    I recently installed BT4 onto my toshiba's hard drive. This went with out a hitch, but shortly after (like an hour or more later) after I restarted and shutdown one time. I got home and went to boot into BT4 and found that KDE loads up with no problem at first then Konsole opens and mouse cursor disappears, everything stops responding. Any ideas? I haven't changed anything, maybe I need to reload it?

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    Default Re: Minor Mouse/Touchpad Issue

    I had the same problem a few times with BT4 beta but haven't had it happen with BT4 final. When it stops responding, hit (ALT + F1) and see if the K-menu pops or if you get booted by the X-server

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