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Thread: First spoonwep-wpa 3 screenshots

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    Cool First spoonwep-wpa 3 screenshots

    Hello guys,

    title say all , i'm now opening spoonwep-wpa 3 developmemt thread

    some of you may have seen my anouncement on aircrack-ng irc , public beta release will be between 15 th and 30th of April

    Please don't ask for alpha testing, my lovely testers will all receive a copy next weekend .... but i got enough testers.

    The main differences with sw2 :
    you will be able to play with it on any distro,
    Source code will be available (from final release)
    Huge code modifications have been done in order to be lighterfor your system
    attacks have been reviewed and optimized
    tray minimizing
    and many more...

    here are 2 screenshots of the wep attack window
    please be indulgent layouts are not definitive and gui is not perfect, the minor changes needed will be done before public beta release


    More news soon

    ++ SV
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