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Thread: Linksys WRT54GL Add Proxy Function?

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    Default Linksys WRT54GL Add Proxy Function?


    Since Linksys WRT54GL Routers are Linux based and SSH / Telnet AND Remote Connection to the device is possible, I asked myself if it wouldn't be possible to add some proxy function to this device, so that it proceeds every request from outside.

    So the main idea is to write a script that proceeds every request, copy it to the router, make it executable and execute it once so that it is present until the router is restarted (or better copy it into the routers autostart?)

    Unfortunately, I have no idea to start, but I would be pleased about every input you have

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    Rather than reinvent the wheel, make use of the built in SSH functions to tunnel your requests (if you need the redirection)
    ssh -NL 4444: root@
    If you need a better look, I've always been a big fan of the "Pro OpenSSH" book over the other documentation.

    If you can't figure out how to script commands through ssh, you are doing something very wrong

    That "code" was tested on a DD-WRT WRT54GL
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