First of all I would like to excuse myself if I'm double posting but I realized I was posting in a 3 year old thread so it probably hasn't as many views as it will have here.
In a nut shell the title of this post says it all.
I used to be able to use the -3 attack in aircrack in BT3, no other method used to work, for example Korek complained about Centrino chipset

Steps that I tried:

aireplay-ng -9 wlan0
Reports injection capable (same for mon0 interface)

Wifi card is "Intel 3495 ABG" or similar name

I even tried to install old ipwraw drivers from BT3 but when I to load them with
modprobe ipwraw
It returns that ipwraw.ko is invalid format or something like that.

I reported this in the aircrack forum but they thought it would be better to post where....... my thoughts exactly... lol

I've stumbled in every wall, and every wall that I climb another one appears...

Can anyone help? Don't tell me I'm the only one that came across this dificulty...

Thanks everyone.