Hey guys,

I'm pretty lost guys.I need your help . Right now i have to USBs,one 8 GB the other is 2 GB.I downloaded BT4 final and booted it by unetbootin in the 8 GB flash desk.Then i get this screen with a list (i'm not allowed to post a screen shot):
1- start backtrack Framebuffer (1024x768)
2- start backtrack framebuffer (800x600)
3- ..............
4- .................
5- start persistent live CD
6- ..........
7- .........
8- memory test
9- boot the first hard disk

I didn't know what to choose.so i waited for it to load by itself and it did.Then i got this screen where i have to put this command : startx

After that i didn't know what to do?Partitions and stuff...sorry guys,but any ideas?

Note: about the USBs which one should format to FAT32 (where i put the bt4 ISO in it) and which one should i format to ex2 (where i can save my changes)?And is there anyway to use only the 8GB USB for booting and saving changes?

Edit: When i try to install BT4 either with install.sh or with the command line....It skips the step where you have to choose a new user and a password !! it skips from step 4 to skip 7!!...what can i do?
thanks and sorry for troubling you with me.