Hey Dudes,
I've got a problem and I hope that someone can help me.
I want to test my network..
Thus I want to do with the interactive packet replay attack.

At first the basics:
I am using BackTrack 4, with an Intel 3945 ABG chipset, yeah I do know its not the best one..
I performed the injection test with a positive result.
In the network there is no client.
I already started capturing the ivs.
I do want to cause some traffik with the aireplay-ng -2 -p 0841 attack.

My problem:

At first I make the fake authentication with this command:
aireplay-ng -1 0 -a 00:23:08:81:2A:25 -h 00:1C:BF:69:AA:83 wlan0
-a is the ap's mac and -h is my chipset's one

It responds:

18:06:11 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:23:08:81:2A:25) on channel 5

18:06:11 Sending Authentication Request (Open System) [ACK]
18:06:11 Authentication successful
18:06:11 Sending Association Request [ACK]
18:06:11 Association successful :-) (AID: 1)
So far, this seems to be sucessful, now I'm trying to do the replay with this command:
aireplay-ng -2 -p 0841 -b 00:23:08:81:2A:25 -h 00:1C:BF:69:AA:83 -c FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF wlan0
again, -b is the ap's mac and -h my chipset's one..

Well, there isn't a real respond... it just count some packets:

Read 9277 packets...
Nothing more happens..

Have you got a solution for me ?
Thx for reading,