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Thread: Alpha network card 500mw or 1000mw

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    Default Alpha network card 500mw or 1000mw

    I am deciding on which wifi card I should get. Either the 500mw or the 1000mw alpa networking booster card. Anyone here tried either cards. I search the forum and saw that some people were using the 500mw but want I to know if anyone has experienced better performance with the 1000mw or even the 2000mw adapter card?

    1. 500mw][/url] USB 500mW WiFI Adapter for Wardriving & Range Extension *Strongest on the Market*: Electronics

    2. 1000mv =1-1-spell][/url] 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter With Original Alfa Screw-On Swivel 9dBi Rubber Antenna *Strongest on the Market*: Electronics

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    1) They're not called networking booster card.
    2) There's many thread about such comparisons. Use the search function.
    3) The 2000mW version afaik does not contain the same chipset as those in 500mW or 1000mW versions, and many users have not got it working correctly because of a new driver. Neither have they gotten the 500mW version of that same device (awus050nh) to work either.
    4) Seller selling these devices claiming its the strongest on the market has no idea what he or she is talking about apart from the idea to simply sell the device. Many other high powered devices already exist in non-USB forms.
    What doesn't make it strong is not because of the power but only because that is measured for transmitting power. So without a good receiver, the signal sent would somewhat be useless. The powerful wifi setup not only consists of just a wifi card/dongle but a combination of many other things included a purpose designed antenna that's right for the job.

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