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Thread: Connecting to a router usig a WPA shared key?

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    Question Connecting to a router usig a WPA shared key?

    Hey guys, I am using a wireless internet card to connect to my linksys router. However my router uses a WPA shared key to connect to it. And in backtrack 4 the only options are a passphrase and a preshared key for the wicd manager. Does anyone have any ides or directions on how to connect to the router using WPA shared key? I know I could just change the security on my router to WEP or something less secure, however my family does not want me to because that would involve changing the setting on every other device etc. etc. thanks for your help Hope to see a reply soon

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    I have a WPA2 network using a pre shared key and I am using wicd to connect to it.

    The screenshots here also show that there is a WPA option in wicd.

    I think you might have missed something.
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