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Thread: Broadcom wifi adapter not detected

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    Default Broadcom wifi adapter not detected

    Im using Compaq CQ40-517tu laptop ive finish downloading BT 4 my problem is that the wifi adapter is not detected how am i able to fix this?

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    i also have the same problem... but i was using Compaq Presario CQ40-401AU laptop. The only thing i know about my wireless card is the brand is broadcom only... can anyone help? anyway, are broadcom build in wireless card that comes with the laptop i mention above can do injection?

    really appreciates if some1 can help me slve this matter...

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    It doesn't help when neither of you have posted lspci -nnk output of your laptop internal hardware specs (and no, pasting information from a sales brochure or the like is completely useless).

    Not all broadcom chipsets have injection, injection requires an open source driver, and the open source driver can only handle certain broadcom chipsets, not all. I'd suggest reading here:
    b43 - Linux Wireless
    and here:
    b43 [Aircrack-ng]

    If your chipset you found is not listed as supported or not listed at all. There is a very high chance they are not supported. If they aren't supported, you will not gain monitor capabilities (which is the foremost criteria generally before gaining injection support) and the card is basically useless for anything else except to simply connect to wireless networks.

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