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Thread: Monitor made enabled on mon0.. HELP?!!?

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    Default Monitor made enabled on mon0.. HELP?!!?

    I am trying to crack a wep and i did the first few steps..
    My last command was "airmon-ng start wlan0" and it took a few seconds and the it says "monitor mode enabled on mon0"

    What do i need to do?? im really confused, and i haven't seen anybody else with this outcome after this command. here is my setup.

    Backtrack 4
    IPW 3945abg wireless card.

    Im not that great with this stuff yet, so it would be great if somebody would get me on my feet from here and a step by step tut.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Did you already try to search for it?
    Since this topic has been discussed so extensively it shouldn't be a probem to find a solution to your problem.
    Maybe also check the aircrack-ng homepage..............

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