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Thread: another kernel upgrade question (pgp releated)

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    Question another kernel upgrade question (pgp releated)

    i'm tasked with getting pgp installed on bt4 and it seems the kernel needs to be updated. i've read here and there that it's not good to update the kernel in bt because it can break things but i've also read it's good to upgrade. can anyone clear this up once and for all.

    also, can we layout the risks of updating the kernel and if anyone is feeling extra kind point me to the proper location for updated kernels?

    ps- i know bt4 supports gpg but for this it's specific to pgp so i'm stuck with it. thanks!

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    Default Re: another kernel upgrade question (pgp releated)

    You can upgrade the kernel if you want, however be advised that if you do so outside of what the Dev team releases then you are on your own for support.
    On one hand it is good to stay "up-to-date" however on the other hand, doing so can indeed "break things" that are specific to the BT kernel, while this does hold true for most Linux distro's it is a bit more imperative for BT. As for doing an upgrade there is a blog post on off-sec with more details.
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