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Thread: Hiding the Gateway.

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    Default Hiding the Gateway.


    I have recently signed up with a new ISP [Sky] and they do not allow 3rd party routers. This would not be an issue if the router they supplied had a greater range than just one room .

    My proposal is to create my wireless network using my existing hardware connect the old router to the new router via LAN.

    New router has the following settings:

    ip =
    DNS = [OpenDNS seems more reliable than their Supplied DNS]

    Plan is to have old router on same ip subset. eg make it be with a gateway of the new router.

    This setup works.

    Now i have disabled DHCP so that each PC/Device has to be manually configured.

    My question is this:

    If i shifted the new routers ip to 192.168.0.[anything but 1] and setup old router and my devices with this gateway. How long would it take to discover on average the gateway? I know wireshark has a gateway detection tool, is there anything else i need to be wary of?

    I know this is my home network and i am probably over thinking here, but if i can hide the gateway from detection easily then surely thats another reason to deter unwanted guests on my network.

    For info i am still finding my feet with BT4Final so if the tool is included i may need pointing to it.

    I have posted this inthe newbie thread as i am sure that this will have you guys slapping forehead and shouting thats easy - do this.

    Thanks in advance

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    I bet the issue is that your ISP has either:
    1) A certain set of MAC addresses that they will allow to authenticate on their networks.
    2) Kept a record of your initial modem/router MAC addresss and will not allow another device due to different address.

    In either case you need to spoof the MAC address on the router if supported.

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    I think you missed what i am trying to achieve.

    I know sky use MAC Address to make sure you cannot use 3rd party routers so they can easily provide support.

    I wish to make my network using my old wireless setup. clagged into the new router via LAN. Then i wish to hide the new router [which is the gateway] from being detected easily - either by wireshark or nmap.

    one of the problems i am facing is i can always find it via its admin website. NMap flags it up and its like a giant beacon.

    I just want to make things a little bit harder should my WPA be discovered.

    [The new router is not transmitting wifi as it keeps resetting to default which is not good for me.]

    does anyone have any ideas?

    Would it be possible to have the wireless on one ip range - e.g 192.168.0.x [standard setup for uk homes] with the wifi router being classed as the gateway.

    the wifi router via its lan connected to the new router on a different ip range e.g [this is not a standard setup for uk homes.]

    would i have to do anything fancy or would this be sufficient to hide the gateway from a NMAP scan - as they would be on different ip ranges NMAP wouldnt see it right? Would wireshark / ettercap eventually get the gateway? or would all the packets from the wifi network indicating the wifi router as its gateway "spoof" it?

    For Info:

    Both Routers are Netgear - but one is SKY Branded and SKY Firmware with an internal aerial and my old one is Commercial Netgear with external aerial [ of which i have a Yagi antenna fitted to maximise range]

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