Hey guys, i'm running into an issue when trying to install the 1915:2234 or V1 WUSB54G. From the information provided on ndiswrapper's wiki, the WUSB54G should work with bt4, but i'm running into a problem after installing the WUSB54G drivers to ndiswrapper. When i go to load the drivers into memory i encounter the error.
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found.
after looking into the problem a bit, on the linuxquestions forum i found a slight solution (would post url if i could) i found out i might not have the right components for ndiswrapper, and they recommended to see if i had usbcore to, and after checking for usbcore, i received the same fatal warning but this time for usbcore

sudo modprobe usbcore
FATAL: Module usbcore not found.
i'm still researching the problem, but with little success at this point. Anyone have any clue where i should be looking next?