I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a wordlist generator that takes an input/wordlist and modifies the dictionary entries in different ways and then outputs a newly generated wordlist. For instance, If I wanted to add number suffixes to entries in a custom wordlist containing five names like this:


The output file might have,


I know this might be as simple as using sed or some other tool, but I would call myself a noob, as far as figuring out minor programming/script command syntaxes go in linux. I tried googling and found hundreds of people asking for similar tools, but never see any real answers. I'm looking for something a little more complex than this example, but I think if I figure this out, I might be able to do some other things like modify the first letter to lowercase/uppercase, add prefixes, suffixes as dates w/ "/" symbols and maybe add hexadecimal entries between first character and second somehow (thinking of python maybe).

Please let me know if you have any prewritten scripts you'd might like to share that resemble my task.

My wordlist will be for WPA-PSK testing and I know a simple custom wordlist modified several thousand times over will most likely produce better results than any shared dictionary file...