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Thread: Signal strength and SNR in Kismet

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    Default Signal strength and SNR in Kismet

    ** Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong spot, I'm new to the forums.**

    Hey guys,

    So I'm relatively new to BT4. Used BT2 a bit, but never to the extent that I'm going to be using the new OS.

    I'm wondering if anyone can guide me in the right direction. I'm using Kismet as a way to discover rogue Access Points on my network. I would like for the client to display the Signal Bar and the SNR graph, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how.

    I read the Kismet documentation that states:

    All information about a network is contained in the network details window,
    and the following columns can be turned on in the main display:

    however, I cannot access the network details window. I have also tried changing the columns in the kismet_ui.conf, however, the setup is different than the previous versions. There are two separate entries for columns, being clientlist and netlist.

    I appreciate the help.

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    The following is the official site for bt4
    BackTrack Linux

    The following is for kismet.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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    I'm pretty sure I've posted how to do this on this very forum.

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