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Thread: General MD5-Question

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    Question General MD5-Question

    Hi there.

    I have one simple question and I hope you can help me
    It's about MD5.
    What charset is accepted to be converted to MD5?
    So.... you can convert "12345abcde" into MD5, but you also can convert "123.&)?-/1234" into MD5, right?
    So.... is it possible to convert the whole ASCII-Charset into MD5?
    Or is it just possible, for example, to convert from ASCII #032 - #128 ?
    #000 - #031 aren't even Keys, they are just commands. So i think, the algorythm must have some range with chars that are accepted for converting.

    My question now: What are these chars?

    I'm currently starting to develop a good GRID for bruteforcing MD5-Keys and I need to know that x_x



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    I think you need to do some more reading about MD5. A MD5 hash can be generated for any piece of data or file so yes it should be applicable to the entire ASCII characterset.
    MD5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    From your post 123.&)?-/1234 = eb2a26907c8bb7963654aa9ff9858204
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