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Thread: Cryptography import/export limits

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    Default Cryptography import/export limits


    I am currently doing research into cryptography export limits and have searched Google extensively but have not found a conclusive answer to my question.

    A while back the United States relaxed it's import and export laws regarding encryption which is why software such as Firefox and Internet Explorer could provide 128-bit ciphers outside of the U.S. I have however heard that the same does not hold true for software that is not freely available. What if I were to use RSA encryption? Would I have to limit the cipher strength if I would want to communicate with the U.S.?


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    Wow I typed "us cryptography" and export restriction laws was number one on google's "auto fill" list. As such here is the official government page on the topic.
    U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security - Encryption
    If reading does not answer your questions I would suggest making a contact with the above.
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