Hi !

I am running BT4 and i got Nessus and Nexpose installed for vulnerability scanning.

I also have a XP VMWare running with a few "exploitable" protocols/software.
I followed a "tutorial" from offensive-security.

The machine is vulnerable to a well known Netbios exploit.
If i do a
db_nmap 192.168.123.x
scan on the machine, followed by a simple yet powerful
 db_autopwn -p -e
i get a meterpreter session.

So far so good.

If i do scans with nessus or nexpose, both show me the high risk and possible exploit. So i was going to use nexpose and the nessus scan result within metasploit.

I followed the tutorial linked above and the quick starter guide at nexpose, using the nexpose plugin within metasploit.

But on both situations i dont get the exploits listed. They dont find any matching exploits.

Anyone got a idea what i did wrong ? Maybe there is something i forgot.

Ah forgot to say:

db_vulns shows the exploits that nexpose found, but db_autopwn -x -t doesnt show any and also doesnt run exploits against the machine.