I'm trying to run hydra to get my smb password on local computer.

Sitting on: running vmware bt3
Target comp: XP SP2

commands: hydra smb -s 139 -v -V -l administrator -P /pentest/password/sshatter/passwords

It starts and goes and says

Resolving addresses.....done
Attempt Target IP - login "administrator" - pass "1234"
139 Smb Host IP - Login "administrator" - pass "1234"
Skipping current login as we cracked it

1234 is not the password. It is the first password on the password list. The password file is a default one in bt3. It always says first pass is the correct pass.

What am I doing wrong? Tried it in console mode and hydra GTK.

Thanks in advance,


and yes i search and saw a similar post on this dated a while back. it did not have a conclusion. it recommended taking a look at purehate's tutorial on "so you want to hack" (or something). I read that and while it was interesting it did not answer my question. I also tried a few google fu' searches but no success.