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Thread: can't pentest SSH plz help

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    Smile can't pentest SSH plz help


    i have a strange problem. am tying to pen-test SSH on a local networked computer to test things out. i have put in the known username and the known password in the relivent files (usernames.txt and passwords.txt)

    i load "xhydra" and put in the information and start the attack

    but for some resion it go's strait past the correct combination without any success !

    so i figgerd that "xhydra" was buggered so i tried "brutessh" and that did the same

    and SSHatter just comes up with a purl error

    i do know that the ssh server is running just fine as i can do ssh with no probs at all

    so i just dont understand., any help would be nice.

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    Not a bug or a fix. OP Please post in the correct section.
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