I'm running into an odd issue trying to install office 3.1 from its repos. I can download and install the debs manually but that makes cleanup and removal tricky to say the least down the road (all sorts of dependencies and stuff go in there, i removed from one install to find it fatter than prior).

Anyway, in my attempts to keep all installed software managed, up to date, etc i tried following the guide @ Upgrade To Open Office 3.1 in Ubuntu (Jaunty, Intrepid,Hardy) | Ubuntu Manual only to find that using the Intrepid repo openoffice simply doesn't show up. Using hardy repos it shows up in synaptic, but requires all sorts of dependencies that aren't going to be installed, and i'm not about to start installing things from an older base OS to satisfy its needs.

So the question is, why doesn't oofice show up from the intrepid repository? I've commented out the base BT4 repo to test and a search for openoffice reveals nothing. Anyone do this through aptitude or am i stuck going the manual method outlined in the newbies section post on installing oofice 3.1.1?