hello all, ive used bt2 in the past and i just got bt4 and burned to a dvd

i used it to boot up to my very ghetto laptop thats been thru a lot lol

it boted just fine so i decided to install it to the hdd i went thru to the country settings and once i went to the partition setting i selected full hdd erase and install as it said it was going to finalize the operations i think either the battery died or it crashed on me. my prev windows is still intact as well so i know it didnt get very far. now when i try to boot up into the live cd i type startx and it go to the black screen and after a minute or two i get this error call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full?), check your installation once i click ok it kicks me back to the main screen and sits at root@bt

not sure what to do as this was working fine before i tried to install, hopefully something i can delete thru windows side that is making it think it was installed when its not. also if i type ubiquity at the screen it does nothing. hoping that would have helped me but to no avail!

appreciate the help and would love to get this fixed asap