Hi all, I saw a youtube tutorial on how to crack my modem password in order to change some settings (I must be connected to it in order to do this).
I used HydraGTK in order to achieve that but I had a problem, when I pressed start it said that: "Error: File for passwords not found!"
That is not logical because these are the steps I did before pressing "Start":
(First page of HydraGTK(Target))
1: Single target ---->
2: Port ----> 80
3: Protocol ----> http-get
4: I've ticked "Be Verbose"
(Second page of HydraGTK(Passwords))
1: Username ----> admin
2: Password List ----> /home/alex/acdc.txt
3: I've also ticked "Try login as password" and "Try empty password"
(Third page of HydraGTK(Tuning))
1: Number of Tasks ----> 36
2: Timeout ----> 30
3: I've ticked "Exit after first found pair" and "No Proxy"
(Fourth page of HydraGTK(Specific))
1: The only thing I've done here is to change the "http / https url" to "/setup.cgi" as the tutorial told me
(Fifth page of HydraGTK(Start))
1: I press "Start" :P

So, if you find any error inform me because I have no idea what is my error. The only additional thing I can tell you is that the wordlist's path (/home/alex/acdc.txt) exists for sure and I've check it several times!!!

Thx in advance and sorry for any errors in my spelling