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Thread: Airoscript issue

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    Default Airoscript issue

    Im trying to use airoscript and yes i know its a push button solution and yes i know i should enter my commands in manualy but...... needles to say im learning all this brand new, all of it and ive done my own equipment and now to see if i can do outside my own equipment im noticeing that stations are comming up but not associated and if they do come up associated and pop up a bssid mac with the station mac they seem to only stay on for a min or two and me being new im not moving through entering the commands quick enough before they jump off.

    So im trying to use airoscript that came in backtrack 4 but haveing an issue.

    from the tutorial vids im watching those that are in english of course lol it shows the person entering the resolution then the device to use like wlan0 in my case then the main menu and the selecting serch for AP's .

    on theres the AP's are showing up but with a number next to them but in mine its bringing up a second screen to the right of the konsole in wich my main menu was in . the second window is has a thin outline and the font is small and there are no numbers to select with router id like to work with .

    any ideas ?

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    1) That is probably because airodump-ng is set to channel hopping hence the association may only seem temporarily.

    2) There's no screenshots of what you were saying, it doesn't really help.

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