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Thread: Dlink DWL-G510 C2 and monitor mode

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    Exclamation Dlink DWL-G510 C2 and monitor mode


    I have problem with this card (DWL-G510 vC2 chipset Ralink rt61) , when I turn on monitor mode by airmon-ng,
    its going to change without problems
    but after this I turn:

    airodump-ng wlan0

    and I see 4 AP but PWR signal is always 0. Before changed into Monitor mode I have signal in airodump 80 and more.

    What is wrong? Is it a chipset version C2??
    I'm using Backtrack 3.
    I can't find anything about problems with signal .
    Thanks for help, cause I newbie

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    You're using an older version of backtrack which uses legacy drivers. It would have been a much more simple affair if you used backtrack 4.

    Plus you're not being specific.

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