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Thread: Android NDK, SDK, backhand-armel

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    Default Android NDK, SDK, backhand-armel

    New to the forums obviously, but i have been using backtrack since version 2, never had any serious issues, and the few problems that i have had, i hammered away at till i got it to work.

    I have searched and read some other relevant threads, however I dont want to be responsible for thread necromancy.

    It has been a while since the NDK for android have been released, allowing native code to be ran as a backend for an android apk. so I was wondering, would it be possible to port the aircrack suite over to android? since it does require multiple terminals, I think a simplified aircrack-gui would work the best.
    and any of the other backtrack programs that could be ported to arm.

    not ideal, but still awesome:
    if the above isnt for the devs here, how about an arm version of backrack, i know someone codenamed it back-hand, i searched around but didnt find any real progress on it, at least none posted here. since the arm port of debian runs on top of android reasonably well, would it be possible to make a highly specialized version of backtrack, with only some of the core pen testing apps (if they can be ported to arm)

    there are some pretty good devs over in the dream forums on XDA, but i dont think this is their cup of tea, they can make it run better, (compcache rocks) however i believe the devs here can make it more useful. if you have a g1 and want to make it fast, really fast, check out cyanogen's mod,i think this would work best as a base for a backhand arm distro to run on.

    any thoughts from the community? devs, is this something you could pull off, give us g1 users something else to brag about?

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    i have a G1.. and sucessfull run debian arm version on it..iam going to try to install aircrack-ng and see ..

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