Ive tried about 5 times to do a WEP crack (Im using WEP because this is just to learn how all this works and since it is my network and WEP is the easiest, I might as well learn to crawl before I run) on my network (hell the password is 123456; cant get much easier to crack) and Ive tried step by step all the tutorials I could find but it seems I simply miss/misunderstand a step or the tutorials are outdated. My OS is Ubuntu 9.10. Ive also tried BackTrack 4. Im just wondering if someone could go step by step with me (from installing the OS/using Backtrack for this card to actually trying to WEP crack my network) or at least answer some questions:

1: What is the best and most up-to-date tutorial?
2: Is using 9.10 OK? Is the default install OK?
3: Is using 1.0 of Aircrack-NG OK? Is using 4.0 Backtrack OK?
4: I think that having wlan0 and mon0 may cause problems for me to understand; I understand the driver works this way and I always use mon0 but why two seprete interfaces?
5: My problem lies when I try to "auth"; Ive tried differnt ACKs settings, different distances, etc but nothing. My router is a Asus WL500W.
6: Ive also tried airoscript-ng as well but still nothing. I select a option and it "bugs out" going to the main menu.

If someone could take 10 minutes to give me a step by step or some updated pages for this card, thank you very much.