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Thread: X-FRAME-OPTIONS -- Am I missing something?

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    Default X-FRAME-OPTIONS -- Am I missing something?

    Has anyone seen this?

    Clickjacking Protection Using X-FRAME-OPTIONS Available for Firefox

    I ran across this blog entry at SANS:

    But to me it seems like a big failure, unless I'm missing something.

    1) As a malicious user you could simply remove this tag via a personal proxy, adblock rule, etc.
    2) Couldn't you use javascript to load the page/object in a frame and strip this tag out? I'm sure javascript has the ability to request/filter content. (I'm thinking XMLHttpRequest, etc)

    It's supposed to stop CSRF but if you can remove it from the page/frame how does it protect anything?
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    Hi Thorin,
    hmmm interesting link, i'm going to do some testing on this but my thoughts would be (before testing):

    1) If you control proxy, you are MITM type situation and pretty much "All your base belong to us".

    2) While I did not test this yet, I don't remember there being a general Header Object available on client side (so Javascript would not be able to manipulate those). XMLHttpRequest would only work with request not response header.
    (exception being Windows- you could use MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP activeX object)

    While not perfect this could be one more thing to do to move in the right direction. I will look more closely at this when I get some free time (might find use for it)
    thank you for the link!!!


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