he instalado el BT4, porque necesito utilizar Ettercap para unos determinados tests de integridad en una red.

He probado varios filtros para alterar información IP y TCP y funcionan de lujo.

También quería alterar información de nivel dos (direcciones MAC, básicamente).
En el filtro defino varias condiciones dependientes de la MAC origen o MAC destino (eth.src o etc.dst). Me permite compilar el filtro y ejecutarlo, pero se salta las condiciones como le da la gana...

Alguien sabe a que puede ser debido?


Hi everyone,

I have been looking throughout the forum and in Google, and have found nothing...that's why I post this new thread.

I am using ETTERCAP for testing some security and structural issues of a network.
I configured and compiled some filters for IP and HTTP traffic and worked with no problems.

The problems came when I tried to do Layer 2 (MAC address) filters. I did some filter conditions using eth.src and etc.dst, but it did not work. The filter compiled without problems, but the filter did not apply, even if the conditions were fulfilled (I made cross tests with sniffer and ethercap-filter messages).

Do I have to configure something special to make this filter work?

Thank you everyone for your help!


I've looked in the documentation, but found nothing...
It is possible to introduce delays in the sent message using ettercap bridged sniffing?