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We should all have respect for the armed forces around the world.
Be nice to the people who can shoot you in the face, and they'll be nice to you.

A note on the tools: something like slowloris or whatever it is named has been around for years. You want some proof? Check out Fyodor's "Sendai" chapter from his How to Own A Continent chapter. I wrote my own similar tool a few years back, and there was even a perl script released to the bugtraq list years ago.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention, Marine or not, armed forces or not (Army!), this guy sounds more like your standard AJ than anything else. Technically Japanese engineers "supported special forces", so that's ambiguous to begin with. The bit that makes me think (s)he's just a grunt (if that), is basically that it is being said. Anyone would hide themselves for safety's sake, but special forces are trained not to talk about active op's.