Hello, I am new to BackTrack, but not new to linux, I have used ubuntu quite a lot, so I know some about it.

Here's the problem, when I ran the BT cd, i had to reboot, because of some errors. I took out the CD, and when I tried to reboot my laptop, the computer just sits there and reboots. It will turn on for about 1 second. Enough time to turn on the fan, then shut off. Just on and off.

How I got here, I just found out about BT and when I went to a friends house, downloaded and burned a copy (his internet is way faster) I tried it on his computer to check it out, and it worked fine. I go home, put it in my computer, check the first option in the menu. It loads up, and after I log in, I do xconf, to make sure video settings are correct. I Then tried startx, and after a second, the screen went black, turned on, and there were two errors it gave me, unfortunately i didn't write them down. So I decided to reboot, and give it another go. Again same problem. I reboot, taking out the cd, and when I try to turn it on, it does the infinite reboot. As you can see, this is somewhat of an issue.

Some technical specifications:
Toshiba Satellite M305D - S4831 (a laptop)
Running vista 64 bit

If there is need for any more information, feel free to let me know, I would really like this issue resolved.

EDIT: I totally forgot something important. I was using backtrack 3 final release on full write speed. I was not aware that different speeds had different effects on data. Also I used bt3 because I thought that it would be the most stable release, but maybe I will try 4, I have looked around and read good things about it.

EDIT: Problem solved. Turns out BIOS was corrupt somehow. But I took out the main battery overnight to drain the small internal battery. Plugged it just now, and it works