So I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 i386 (the DVD edition). I burned it to a DVD, booted it up and installed it to my hard disk.

After it was installed, I booted off my hard disk.

First impressions: Fantastic, I love it. I'm gonna have fun playing around with it for the next few days.

So then I think hmm... it's time to connect to the internet. I hook up my Alfa and I use the built-in super duper Wifi manager to connect. No problem, got connected in a jiffy.

......but then to my dismay, I found that even the latest version of Ubuntu still has that stupid about the rtl8187 driver. You get a great connection for 10 seconds, then it drops out for 10 seconds, the it comes back for 10 seconds, then it drops out again.

I mean COME ON, how long will this go on for?! I can remember having this problem back with Ubuntu 8.04... and how many moons ago was that?! There's no excuse for this crap. My Alfa 500mW works fine in Backtrack 4 Pre-Final, so there's obviously a solution out there, so why the are Ubuntu still using that buggy driver?

Anyway... sorry... I know this isn't the place to complain about Ubuntu... (although I'll admit it was fun to vent some steam )... but there is a real reason why I posted here:

How can I bring the Alfa driver from BT4 across to Ubuntu?

I remember there was a solution for this back when I was trying out Ubuntu 8.04, but I believe the solution was specific to that kernel version. Here's an example of a solution: zenzike's blog: Wireless Woes

I'm using the latest Ubuntu which is version 9.10, and its kernel version is:
I don't know a of a lot about device drivers and so forth when it comes to Linux, but I'm more than willing to stick some more knowledge in my head.

Can anyone please help me out?

P.S. I've searched the web but all I found was hundreds of forum posts where people moan about their Alfa not working in Ubuntu... I haven't seen a solution that will work for the latest version of Ubuntu.

Another example of a solution... but it seems to be for kernel 2.6.27:

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