hey folks. i've been trying for a while now to get ati stream and pyrit to play nicely but haven't been having any luck. I've tried googling and following the advice on some similar forum threads but no success yet.

when I try installing the backtrack-ati package I get the following error:

Failed to fetch h ttp://archive.offensive-security.com/pool/microverse/b/backtrack-ati/backtrack-ati_1.0-bt0_all.deb 404 Not Found

the first three parts seem to install correctly, just the above 4th part that fails. ive noticed that the /lib/modules/fglrx directory doesn't seem to get created so it looks like the ati driver isn't getting installed. I was wary about which version to try to get as I've heard some people claim certain driver versions didn't work. despite the error I tried doing a list_cores in pyrit but of course the card doesn't show.

does anyone know if there is a ati driver package in the repository that'll work for getting pyrit to see my card? I'm not totally sure what all has already been installed with the 3/4 things that were successful with the backtrack-ati package. im thinking maybe it's the ati sdk and a pyrit update? anyway, if anyone has some insight they'd be willing to share on this it would be most appreciated.