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Thread: Looking for some good instruction

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    Default Looking for some good instruction

    For most of my life i've been a hard-core windows fan. I even hosted a windows 7 party and got a signature copy of windows 7. And while I still think windows is great and everything vista should have been... (I have no problem with mac OS. I'm actually interested in installing in on a pc i have lying around the apartment) I can't help but stand in awe at the sheer power of linux. I've heard from of my computer programming friends that its because "linux is more hardware oriented"

    anyways... After successfully recovering data from hard drives that had been damaged or erased with backtrack 3 for my friends, I've slowly begun to ramp up a strong desire, as well as curiosity, towards network security auditing. I think it first started when my roommate used backtrack 3 to crack the WEP encryption code to my wireless router, I was even more blown away when he began to install 3rd party firmware onto the router and did a few things like over clocking the processor, making the router have a hidden ssid, as well as setting up a mac filter.

    I've allways been that kid who had no idea how something worked until i took it apart, and after that i was thinking of ways i could make it work better.

    I would love to switch all of my systems over to linux, or ubuntu, or even have a laptop with backtrack 4 installed on it. my problem though is once i have all the hardware put together, and installed the OS, I really have no idea what to do. sure i can Google step by step walkthroughs on WEP encryption but i'd rather completely understand what i was doing. That way if i ever encountered a roadblock i would now how to work around it.

    Is there some kind of million page manual that comes with backtrack 4. something that has a bunch of definitions in the back for referencing, short explanations and tutorials for each of the pre-installed applications.

    Any kind of feed back or tutoring would be greatly appreciated.

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    No there isn't exactly a million page manual that comes with backtrack 4. There are many forum stickies for some information along with the howto section. For the remaining parts, its up the end users meaning you and I for example if we don't find the information we needed from forums is to use google or IRC for information or clues on how to achieve whatever we need.

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    A good place to start would be

    or google for 'Linux Howto'

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