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Thread: grub restore with live USB bt4

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    Default grub restore with live USB bt4


    after upgrade kernel i tried to update grub lst, but doesnt work out,
    i have a feeling that i that i change only grub things inside the live USB now,

    i think my Grub is on dev/sda5 >how i get there from live usb ?

    root grub >says


    my grub.lst list has only one line for : windows : now

    anybody an idea ? thanks

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    a) boot live cd
    b) mount and chroot into BT filesystem
    c) mv or rm /boot/grub/menu.lst
    d) run `update-grub`

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    This isnt a Tutorial or a thread that explains "HowTo" do something, so it shouldn't be in the HowTo forum. Post in the correct place next time please, there are descriptions on each forum to tell you what belongs where, so pay attention to them.
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