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Thread: apt-get update no go

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    Default apt-get update no go

    I am new here and what I am trying to do is installing BT4 pre-final into my 8GB USB Thumbdrive by following the instructions at

    The problem is that I can't update my distro using apt-get update.

    When I do the apt-get update from the terminal, I got this;

    # apt-get update
    0% [connecting to (]
    Then after awhile, I got a lot of messages like;

    W:  Failed to fetch archive.... Unable to connect to http:
    I am behind a proxy and although I have set the proxy from the K-Menu->Settings->Internet & Network->Proxy, I still can't get to update.

    Dig to says Query: 1 Answer: 1

    Browser also don't work unless I set the proxy manually in the Preference->Advance->Network.

    Any help is very much appreciated.


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    apt-get doesn't know that you have setup a proxy.. Even though you setup proxy on the GUI side, apt-get wasn't made aware.

    Here's one example: Configure apt-get to use a proxy (Ubuntu) «

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