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Thread: Belkin routers and Hydra

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    Thanks Techemically,
    Ive been trying for ages to brute force my Belkin via http for ages with no luck.

    Here is a link with cool info for the Belkin's
    hXXp://forums X thinkbroadband X com/dslrouter/2869468-how-do-i-telnet-or-ssh-into-my-belkin-g-mimo.html

    I grabbed the hashes from my belkin and can confirm that there are 4 standard users on the router: admin, support,user,nobody.

    However i could not login with all the accounts via telnet even with the cracked passwords.
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    If you're going to password guess multiple services or multiple hosts you might want to look at:

    Ncrack - High-speed network authentication cracker from Fyodor. I haven't done a lot of research on it but I know it supports telnet, ftp, ssh, http(s).
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