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Thread: How can i Bridge Connections from my PC to Xbox 360 using Backtrack 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    So what changed that all the sudden you can't play your Xbox?
    I'm going to guess he was using ICS on Winblows to share his wireless connection to the wired network port hooked to the Xbox. Windows killed the drive, which I believe is a timed function of the Windows operating system, and until he can save up his lunch money to get a new one, he's running the system with the first live cd Google found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xRampage View Post
    1) I edited out the Halo part because i decided it was irrelevant to the question, so don't come in here and just reply anything just to up your post count.
    I spend a lot of hours on this forum (mostly lurking), I would have a MUCH higher post count if that were the case.

    I only replied because I am having the same issue with my kids, since they start school this week and I thought the post was coincidental, being a majority of kids go back to school today (at least in the US).

    Anyways, lupin gave you a solution. Since BT3 is based off Slackware, you might want to include that in your Google search for the command line syntax. Good luck.

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