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Thread: Could apps like download managers be evil

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    Default Could apps like download managers be evil

    Could freeware applications that have access to the internet and that are allowed to go through a PC firewall , potentially act evil and send personal data from a users computer to their servers ?
    just curious..

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    Just answering


    Ok ok. It's sort of obvious that they could and frequently do, though it's got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with freeware (though it is common because it's easy). That's why we have this whole set of software called "malware" which lives (mostly) within the windows world.
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    Firewalls will allow any traffic through that matches its allow rules, and when your firewall allows traffic based on which process generates it (which is how many local firewalls work) then as soon as you authorise a program in the firewall it can send whatever traffic it wants. The firewall usually lacks the ability to determine whether that traffic may be good or bad.

    So basically, yes its possible. For protection, use trusted software, check hashes of downloaded installers and use appropriate security and monitoring software.

    If you are really paranoid you can also use separate systems for sensitive purposes, and keep those systems as pristine as possible.
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